Danny Boyles Alien Love Triangle Short

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I had no idea Danny had such a short film but after doing some reading this morning I stumbled on a piece on MovieWeb about Danny Boyles upcoming projects. Most of which we have already covered. The one that really stood out to me is Alien Love Triangle a 25minute short film he made for miramax. Quotting Movieweb:

Boyle actually completed Alien Love Triangle years ago, but it has yet to be released by Miramax. Given the studio's uncertain future, it's unclear what will happen with the film. " boyle is quotted as saying:

It's like 25 minutes long, So it's kind of like an orphan, because it doesn't have any partners. It was meant to have two other 30-minute films to go with it." The film stars Courtney Cox, Heather Graham, and Kenneth Branagh.

"It's very funny, It's very silly. It's about aliens, really. Courtney Cox and Heather Graham play aliens. But Courtney Cox is an alien inside Courtney Cox's body. Which is an interesting place to be, we can all agree. And Heather Graham is a female alien who arrives to

Its got Courtney Cox (Babe) and Boyle directing.. sounds like this is a short film folks might want to see.


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