Danny Boyle talks future projects including 28 Weeks Later

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Our colleagues from CHUD had the chance to talk to Danny Boyle ("28 Days Later"). He talked about his upcoming projects and also a little about "28 Weeks Later".

Here's a clip from the interview:

The other interesting future project he spilled about was "28 Weeks Later", the sequel to his "28 Days Later". While he won't be involved beyond an exectutive producer credit, he does know what it's about:

"It's a very strong, simple idea again," he said, "England has basically been abandoned, and there's been no life there for six months. The Americans arrive to start it back up again, to reboot it. Especially the franchises that are going to waste!"

Boyle didn't say more about this sequel, but he revealed a bit of the planned "Trainspotting" sequel "Porno". You can read the complete article here.

Danny Boyle's latest movie "Millions" comes to cinemas March 11th, 2205.

Source: Chud


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