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Ok so I saw this movie after reading Hakeems review which I thought was saying it was a good movie. Either I read it wrong or me and Hakeem no longer share similar taste in movies. Either that or we have somebody posing as Hakeem writing reviews. or Perhaps Macready beat Hakeem with a rubber mallett and altered his personality when I was not looking. Anyrate, I think you know where I am going with this. I did not like Cursed at all. I think it is in the same league as Alone in the Dark accept Cursed had a better cast. Let me kick things off with the synopsis of this film for those of you who have not seen it yet,

It is a moonlit night in Los Angeles, when something lurking in the shadows causes their car to suddenly swerve off the road, a teenaged brother and his career-driven sister emerge relatively unscathed, but forever changed by the accident. Suddenly, the siblings find themselves blessed with increased physical strength, heightened sensibilities and undeniable allure to everyone around them. But, what if what happened to them that night wasn't just an accident and what seemed like fate was really something more?

It is only a matter of time before Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg "Rodger Dodger") can no longer control these impulses because their newfound power comes with a price that they never expected to pay and a mystery that only

Ok so now you have the basic outline, and thats about as good as its going to get in this review. This movie was one big cliche with tactics that may have worked in Scream but didnt work in this movie at all. From cheesy "boo scared you" scenes. To "oh no im hurt" SCREAM SCREAM "look at my breasts" SCREAM some more. Seriously, wtf? Am I really that old? This movie must have been targetting teenage boys. The horror was less then horror, the humor less then funny and the overall tone of the movie just weak.

I did however think the werewolves looked pretty good in some scenes, and in the next looked like they were done on a budget similar to my backyard home videos. So yes I liked the werewolves and hated them from scene to scene. I do like how Wes Craven handled the werewolves and think it worked. A lesser director would not have been able to handle this film. Least he kept it together!

I could list alot of things that irked me about this film but what is the point? I dont see much point in it other then wasting more of my time. This movie was poor, and I now know why Ricci was so hush hush about this movie. She is a serious talent (and also a babe) and this movie did not take advantage of her talents at all. This movie was a cliche of teen scream flicks all rolled into one.

Remember kids, if you want to hurt a werewolf not to use a picture frame that is not silver. No you may think its silver but if it has a BIG FRIGGIN label that says "Stainless Steal" then yes that is not silver. I am not a metallurgist(cant even spell most days) but yeah im pretty sure they are different.

Oh and dont worry if your turned into a werewolf you also become BRUCE LEE with more moves then a bowl of captain crunch. Hello? What? Apparently when the choreographed the wrestling in the gym they were watching far to many bruce lee movies.. since its pretty much a complete rip off of Dragon. I was sorta hoping they would throw in some storm troopers and use the force just to mix things up.

I did like the fact that Shannon Elizabeth put her name on this film to do nothing but show us her breasts. I love Shannon she is really cool, down to earth and fun to look at but what the hell was she doing in this movie? I dont get it. So much talent in this film and all wasted.

Any rate.. I dont think this is really a review as much as a rant and you dont need to read my rants. So I am going to stick some pie in my piehole and go drink a beer. If you want to see a good movie this weekend dont bother with Cursed. It is not up to Wes Cravens calibre. Go watch the People Under The stairs instead a CLASSIC Wes Craven film.

With that said if you are a 13 year old Male, enjoy boobies, like scary "boos" and storys with no direction and run on and on and on, go see Cursed. You'se gonna Luvs it! Be sure and give Hakeems Cursed Movie Review a read. He is a much better reviewer then I am and doesnt rant like an idiot like I do.



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