P.Diddy wants to be the first Black James Bond!

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On Conan P.Diddy announced that he wants to be the next Bond.. James Bond.. or is that J.Diddy Bond? I dont know. Anyrate its pretty funny to me. Wouldnt that be a great way to kill the franchise but good. Anyrate LatinoReview put up an excerpt from the late night interview. Here is some of it:

Conan: I read that you wanna be the first black James Bond in the movies. Is that true?

Diddy: Yes. Definitely.

Conan: Change the name?

Diddy: Yes. It's a new time. We're taking the Bond imprint of what he stood for, but we gon' remix it. My name's gonna be Robert Ground.

Conan: So instead if saying: "Bond, James Bond." You're gonna say: "Ground, Robert Ground."

Diddy: Robert Ground. It's serious. I'm about to announce the deal next week.

Conan: Is Ground gonna be from England or is he gonna be from America?

Diddy: He gon' be from Harlem. It's America baby! This is our turn!

Conan: Is he gonna have Martinis?

Diddy: Everything. He's gonna be a younger version of Bond.

Conan: When are we gonna see this?

Diddy: It should be out in the next 20 months or so.

Conan: He's gonna be cool. Is he gonna need a side kick?

Diddy: He's gonna have a whole ensemble. It's gonna be a new way to tell it. It's gonna be edgier.

What do you think? I made fun of Jarule being in Assault on precinct 13 remake and had to eat crow when he did a pretty damn good job. Can. P.Diddy hold up playing a bond character? I dont know, guess we just gotta wait and see!

source: latinoreview


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