Rottweiler Get a Release Date

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Brian Yuzna's "Rottweiler" is finally going to be unleashed onto the public, with Lions Gate setting a July 19, 2005 release date for the dvd.

As of yet, no dvd specs are known, but as soon as we find out we'll be sure to update you.  Until then you can read the awesome exclusive interview MacReady did with SFX guru for "Rottvweiler" Vincent Guastini (here).

It is a duel. A man escaping from his past, pursued by the Beast that will haunt him and destroy those around him until he finally honors a lovers' vow and confronts his destiny.

Imagine an adventurous young couple, teenagers escaping the world of consumerism and comfortable conformity by playing the game of 'infiltration', the practice of entering into dangerous situations in which you don't belong. They do it just for the rush, the adrenaline rush, the pure passion for life, for love, as only the young can love. A love more important than life itself.

But infiltrating a boatload of immigrants who are washed up on a dangerous shore, a land ruled by the merciless iron fist of Colonel Kufard, takes the lovers beyond the dangers of the 'game' and into a nightmare realm of violence and damnation. A new game with new rules played to the death.

A desperate fugitive, running from the past, pursued by ROTT, the beast that stops at nothing to carry out the order to kill. A rottweiler left for dead that comes back ever stronger, with fangs and jaws of steel and a single-minded bloodlust. Reinforced with modern technology and possessed of an ancient evil that will not die until it has devoured the heart and possessed the soul of its prey.

Source: Fangoria


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