Twisted Loneliness - From the Sick Mind of Joe Knetter

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Do you like your horror stories on the sick and twisted side?  Do story titles with names like "The Mower", "Sweet Tits" or "Should I or Shouldn't I" pique your interest?  Then "Twisted Loneliness" by Joe Knetter will definately be the book for you.  Hell, just look at the book cover - it has sick-n-twisted written all over it.

Twisted Loneliness is a collection of 15 short stories by renown sick-n-twisted horror author Joe Knetter.  The introduction to this book was written by none other than Sid Haig, who is also a fan of Knetter's work. 

Here is a list of collected stories you find in this book:  Loneliness, Ollie and the Monster, Author, Rubber Ducky, Spider Webs, Should I or Shouldn't I, Bad Vibrations, After School Swim, Thirsty, I Owe Her That, Death Metal, Sweet Tits, The Closet, A Truly Grand, The Mower, The Puzzle, and Y.G.D.M.F.C.S.B.S.C.W.P.O.S. 

A hardcover edition of Twisted Loneliness is slated for release on March 23, 2005 as well as an audio book (to be recorded by Sid Haig) will follow later this year. - "Bad Ass!"

You can visit the website here to learn more about Joe Knetter, sample some of his stories, or to purchase the book.  On a side note, Joe's debut novel - "Zombie Bukkake" is scheduled to be released June 2005.   Now is that an F'd up title or what.. I gotta read it. 

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