Hakeem's Guide to the February 25th Weekend

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Another Hakeems weekend movie guide to save you some money .So before you go running off to the theatres like a bunch of freaks throwing cash in every direction read on.

This is what's coming out in the US this weekend:

Movie - Theatres
- "Cursed" - 2805
- "Man of the House" - 2422
- "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" - 1483
- "Bride and Prejudice" - 156 (expanding)

"Cursed": the latest from Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, the director and writer who brought us the Scream Trilogy in the 90s. And this is more of that, it's Scream with Werewolves, but for teens. The pg13 rating hurts but the actors are good and the werewolves are better. Still, Scream fans will kind of like it while the rest will just hate it.
My Review: Cursed Movie Review

"Man of the House": Tommy Lee Jones joins the group of action stars who take the kids route that Arnold started in the 90s with "Kindergarten Cop" and that Vin Diesel will also follow next week with "The Pacifier".
These are not kids though, they're cheerleaders, and hot cheerleaders, so this could end up not that bad.

"Diary of a Mad Black Woman": this is a bad movie. A drama all the way with 2 comedic characters that pop up every now and then to makes us laugh and mess the movie up though it didn't have any chances anyway after all the cliches we have to go through.
And yes, by the title you can guess that this is a black movie (or 'urban' like some like to say these days), and it's definetely targeted for black people, and specifically black people who are fans of Tyler Perry, the creator play this is based on, and he plays the two comedic characters too.

"Bride and Prejudice": a Bollywood version of Jean Austen's "Price and Prejudice". It's got comedy, drama, musical numbers and beautiful women from India. Worth watching if you can stand musicals.

So, What to Watch:
- "Cursed"
- "Man of the House"
- "Bride and Prejudice"
- "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"


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