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When I first saw the poster for Cursed, I was skeptical. It reminded me of Scream, a movie I love, and my favorite horror franchise. Great characters and story with a great atmosphere. Then I learned that Cursed was from the same team that made Scream, Kevin Williamson writing it and the master of horror Wes Craven behind the camera and I though, "this is going to be ok, maybe even good". And it is, but not for everybody, specially if you didn't like Scream like I did.

Cursed is a Werewolf version of Scream but with less suspense, less blood but more comedy. And besides the poster being almost the same as Scream's, the movie plays pretty much like Scream too, with a big name actor dying at the beginning, and then all the rest of the characters trying to figure out which one of them is the 'first werewolf' so they can kill it and stop the curse they got into after the werewolf bit them. The whole Werewolf's myth makes for a really good story though.
Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Judy Greer, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Rosenbaum, Mya and Shannon Elizabeth round up the cast and they're all good, only 1 or 2 of them are kind of wasted and were just there to be possible werewolves.And the werewolves are one of the higher points of the movie. Really well done and the transformations were awesome and it didn't look fake at all. Great movements too.

The only problem I have with the movie is that there's too much comedy, and not the kind Scream has where it works for the movie explaining stuff. Here, a possible gay relation scene here comes to mind, it didn't serve any other purpose other than comedy and it was later used again and again only for laughs.

And the delay the movie had in being released (it was made over a year ago) hurt the movie big time, specially because it's set in the Hollywood scene, specifically in The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn where most of the character's work. Craig left the show last year, so it was weird that the movie was set around the show.

Overall, this is definitely for werewolves fans that are positive about Scream. The result might not be as good as Scream, but will still be good.

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