Courage & Stupidity Short Film Review

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So the good folks at Ranchero Entertainment sent me a copy of Courage & Stupidity. Came home and was going to review another film but figured I would pop this bad boy in and give it a peak. I am quite impressed to say the least.

Courage & Stupidity is a comedy inspired by Steven Spielberg and his early years as an up and coming filmmaker. Set in the early 1970's, Steven has a major studio deal to direct a movie about a killer shark and is confident that his experience will be a breeze. Conflicts arise after Steven and his pal George (based on George Lucas) accidentally destroy the movie’s main prop--a mechanical shark.

The next day, the giant fish sinks to the ocean floor and it looks as if the director's career has gone with it. Steven must stop the film's producers from pulling the plug and find a way to make his monster movie without a monster. Although inspired by public information, the truth is that Mr. Spielberg has never harmed nor would he ever harm a mechanical fish.

To start with the packaging was top notch on this dvd. When you buy a dvd you want great packaging. As you will remember  I was ranting over the cheap dvd slip covers some big studios are now using. Well this 22minute short film came in a really nice case, with a really nicely designed cover art. Well done.

The movie itself is not indie at all. The soundtrack is excellent and complimentary. The actual film itself is all shot on 35mm and it shows. This movie isnt really a comedy but for those who love Spielberg and Lucas or Jaws for that matter you will giggle and chuckle during certain scenes. For a short film I give this movie a 9/10. It is one of the finest short films to ever show up on my door. The story wont appeal to people who are not fans of Spielberg or Lucas in my opinion, but fine work is still fine work. The camera work is excellent, the story well written and the acting is very good for the most part.

Big studios and directors need to take an example from Darin Beckstead who wrote and directed this short. I would encourage people to check it out, it can be bought at You can also check out the trailer to see the quality here


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