Ghosts of Mars Video Review

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Well its time for another John Carpenter review. I was busy putting my foot on Lorkanox's throat and he was screaming "please stop hurting me and go review another movie" So because I am a generous slave master I am going to do a quick run down on Ghosts of Mars, one of the best Sci-Fi films made. Of course John Carpenter is a big reason for that.

Set in the year 2025, humans have moved to Mars. They have organized a division of labor and they are mining the planet for natural resources.  However, when one mining team digs up a long-buried pod full of aliens, and the bodies of the human workers are instantly inhabited by the strange beings, a war ignites.

What first seems to be a battle against crime for justice suddenly turns into a human battle for survival against the haunting alien force. The good things about this movie. Well first off its get some nice eye candy in the form of Natasha Henstridge best known for her role in species. Natasha is a babe, and does a great job in this film. The movie also has the king of the rapper bad asses Ice Cube. His role as the bad mutha nobody wants to mess with goes off perfectly.

The movie overall is powerfull. John Carpenters once again out done himself with a movie that is exciting, funny and goes from start to finish with no moments of boredom or slipping away to grab another drink, or to kick Lorkanox in the groin. I give this film a solid 8/10. Which is a good rating for a movie that bombed in the box office. Just goes to show you that movies that dont do well in the mainstream are usually the best.

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