Coach Carter Movie Review

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Coach Carter is a sports movie about a basketball coach who decides to take over an undisciplined, losing team who is desperately in need of a good leader. Ken Carter (Samuel L Jackson) gives the kids a choice to sign a contract requiring certain academic and professional standards in order to remain on the team.

The discipline and work ethic form the team into an instant winner, however, when some of the kids don’t follow through on their contract, Coach Carter locks the gym and forfeits a couple of basketball games. The kids begin to realize that their leader is attempting to teach them much more than just basketball.

Why You Should See This Movie: Coach Carter is a pretty good sports film that has quite a bit going for it. Samuel L Jackson does a good job convincing you that he is a man strong in his convictions and abilities as a leader. The rest of the kids also do a decent job at demonstrating the lack of respect that gives way to pride in themselves. The film is a bit long at just over 2 hours, but it’s interesting story keeps you entertained throughout. The film is put together pretty well with basketball action scenes and appropriate music and backgrounds.

 Why You Shouldn't See This Movie: My biggest problem with the movie is that it tried to do to much. The basketball and life lesson part of the film was good, but the addition of the relationship/responsibility as a young unmarried parent was a bit too much. If the editors would have taken out the part with one of the basketball players and his pregnant girlfriend, the film would have been much shorter and concentrated.

Other than that, the film is pretty great with only a few expletives and some mildly provocative dancing to spoil it for the entire family viewing. Conclusion: Coach Carter is a good sports movie that basketball enthusiasts will definitely enjoy, although the average movie watcher wont be overly impressed due to the excessive length.



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