George Romeros Official Site is Live!

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Giddyup! Thats right get on your horse, jump in your armored suv and get on the road.. George A Romeros official website is live! It has some cool stuff on it including photos from this site. To say we are honored is the biggest under statement of the year. The welcome message on Mr. Romero's site says

In 1968, a film slated for drive-in movies, unexpectedly grasped the American public's attention and catapulted into film history. A relatively unknown director gains cult-status and a longstanding place in movie history.

The movie - The Night of The Living Dead, the director - George A. Romero, a small time director of shorts and commercials. Produced on a minuscule budget, Romero was able to create an experience that would haunt people for a lifetime.

Learn about the father of modern horror and the oh-so-gory details of his works as we reveal new and never-before-seen information about the legend.

You're alive in the land of the dead online. Enjoy.

So check out his site, tell your friends, and the cool part is their is a store in the works! So check their and here often. As it breaks we will let you know. Thanks to John for letting us know that the site went live!


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