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Well I've been taking a look at the official Undead site and came across several nice bits of news about the upcoming book. Firstly though, lets have a look at what this book is to be about, The Undead - Zombie Anthology:

Permuted Press is pleased to present The Undead. The Undead is a stunning new collection of zombie tales featuring zombie fan favorites and up-and-coming authors. Not restricted to just Romero- or new Dawn of the Dead-style zombies, The Undead includes a plethora of new and classic takes on the living dead.


Well, down to the biggest news, the title one, the complete lineup of authors for this combined literature effort are a collection of talented authors famous for different horror stories. Well here is the list:

•  Introduction by Kevin "Dead Kev" Sproles, webmaster of All Things Zombie
•  Afterword by Brian Keene, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rising
•  David Wellington, author of the Monster Island/Nation/Planet series
•  Vince Churchill author of The Dead Shall Inherit the Earth
•  D.L. Snell, author of Hourglass
•  Russell A. Calhoun
•  Rob Morganbesser
•  Eric S. Brown, author of Madmen's Dreams
•  Rebecca Lloyd
•  Mike Watt, author of The Resurrection Game
•  Meghan Jurado
•  Derek Gunn, author of Vampire Apocalypse
•  Kevin Donihe, author of Shall We Gather at the Garden
•  Brent Zirnheld, author of Lynchville Pop. 5150
•  David Dunwoody
•  Eric Pape
•  Andre Duza, author of Dead Bitch Army
•  Eric Norton
•  John Hubbard
•  David Moody, author of the Autumn series
•  Eric Shapiro, author of It's Only Temporary
•  James Reilly, webmaster of Horrorview
•  Pasquale J. Morrone, author of Spook Rock
•  Cavan Scott, author of The Tomorrow People
•  Claire Shevlin

Very interesting right? Right, well this will be released in late 2005. Nice I think you'll agree.

Source: The Undead Official Site


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