Zombie Movie Risen Cast & Ready to shoot!

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The Ad-Hoc Film CO-OP in association with Jackalope Entertainment is pleased to announce the cast and crew of the upcoming zombie epic RISEN. Gigi Erneta will be playing the starring role of Jenny Mills, the young mother separated from her child by the undead apocalypse. Rounding out the cast is Joeseph Thackery as Sam, Jason Harper as Nick, and Steven Lee as Jack Hays. The movie will be directed by Damon Crump. 

RISEN will be directed by Damon Crump of Jackalope Entertainment. He has shot hundreds of commercials and corporate videos, and served as a producer on the feature film Shades of Grey, as an Associate Producer on Go With Me and as 2nd Unit DP on Broke Sky, all independent movies shot in Texas.  His productions have won many local and national awards.

ZombiEFX of Orange Country, CA will be providing the special effects. Heading up the ZombiEFX crew are J.P. Pettersen and Craig W. Hecht whose credits include Aquanoids, Carnage and Deception: A Killer’s Perfect Murder, Director’s Cut: A Killer Comedy, Demonoids, Death by Engagement and Bible Battles for The History Channel.

About Risen
Risen is a zombie movie by zombie fans for zombie fans seeking to differentiate itself through a unique clever script mixing large scale zombie carnage, a strong focus on characterization of the protagonists and serious horror.

The Story
Sam and Jenny Mills drop off their daughter at Grandma's house hoping for a quiet evening alone. Instead, Sam’s brother Nick shows up shattering their quiet evening. Their time alone goes from bad to worse the next day as an apocalypse of the undead erupts to tear the city apart.

Now they must risk their lives fighting through a city overrun by the flesh eating walking dead to find their daughter. When the dead have risen, some things are more important that survival.



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