One Missed Call Remake coming

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Isn't it strange how fast movies are getting Remakes this time? Now Takashi Miike's "One Missed Call" (2003) is getting one too. According to ScreenDaily, Kadokawa Pictures USA and Intermedia are to remake the Horror movie that grossed US$14.6Mio in Japan. Also a sequel has been made (directed by Renpai Tsukamoto), which is scheduled for a February release in Japan.

In the original movie, a group of Japanese college kids are out for a night on the town. All seems well until Yoko's cel rings with an unfamiliar tone. Unable to answer in time, she checks it to find the readout "one missed call" from her own phone, three days in the future. More disturbing is the message: the sound of her own screams! No big deal is made of the matter, until three days later, when, at the exact time of the call, Yoko plunges to her death from a bridge.

Things get scarier when Kenji gets a similar call. Three days after, he too is dead. Then it's Natsumi who gets the call, except this time it's worse. Her phone's video display shows her turning to see an ominous figure creeping around a corner, behind her. Natsumi's scared witless and, as word of the curses have spread and broadcasters jump on the chance of a live, on-air exorcism, Natsumi agrees to go on TV at the appointed hour. Meanwhile, Yumi, a companion of all the victims, summons up the courage to delve into the terrifying mystery and find out who, or what is killing her friends.

Special THX to Ivan for sending us this scoop.


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