28 Weeks Later : Sequel to 28 days Later

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Rumors abound of a 28 days later sequel. As many of you know for months we have been reporting it, and it would appear more news is dribbling out. The following is being reported by Danny_B on our Horror Discussion boards. Danny Says

Dunno if this is old news or what, but Fox Searchlight are prepping a sequel for 28 Days Later called 28 Weeks Later. The film will explore the after effects of the rage virus. It's very early days as there hasn't been any casting decisions made, but they said that they are ruling out the return of the original characters.

On top of what Danny has pointed out I would like to add that Danny Boyles will NOT be directing this movie. According to Variety and other sources.

While the studio would confirm only that a sequel is in the works, sources said the tentative title is "28 Weeks Later" and that the studio is circling Rowan Joffe to write the script. Boyle is not expected to direct the sequel, though he and screenwriter Alex Garland likely will take producing roles alongside the first pic's producer, Andrew Macdonald.

Thanks Danny for the scoop!


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