5th Annual Shriekfest Cometh!

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Are you a film maker? Well good news! The 5th Annual Shriekfest cometh! Shriekfest is a festival dedicated to getting horror/thriller/scifi filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve. What makes our festival unique is that we are free from any restrictions that other festivals may have...for instance, we are thrilled when your film has won in other festivals, we won't hold that against you by not allowing your film an entry possibility. The whole point of our festival is to help out the filmmakers by letting as many people see your film as possible (not by limiting when and where your film is shown). We just want to celebrate the art of filmmaking without all of the politics!

Awards will be given in the following categories: (Award categories are subject to change per the judges' request) Prizes will include cash, product awards, and trophies.

  • Youngest Filmmaker & Screenplay writer categories!! (Must be under 18)
  • Best Film: Feature and Short
  • 2nd place: Feature and Short
  • Fan Favorite
  • Shriekfest Award: an Award given by the festival President
  • Best Actor/ Actress Award
  • Best Screenplays: Feature & Short
  • 2nd place Feature Screenplay and 2nd place Short Screenplay
  • ALL filmmakers who enter a film will get the opportunity to be interviewed on Les Sekely's radio show B Plus Movie making and be reviewed by Cult Cuts Magazine. All female filmmakers will be reviewed by Heidi Martinuzzi on her new horror site.

Entry does not guarantee placement in the program. However, each submission will be carefully considered. Festival judges will select entries that will be featured as finalists at the festival. Entries will then be judged for each category and the winners will be announced during the awards presentation at the completion of the festival. The deadline for early entries is March 12, Regular entries is May 28, and late entries is June 25.  ...more information

Tickets are available in advance for $10.00 or $15.00 at the door. Actual film schedules will not be available until just before the festival. We'll post the schedule as soon as the finalists are chosen, so please check back often.

Want more information? Head to www.shriekfest.com



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