Rotten Cotten SAW T-Shirts.

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RottenCotten the kings of Horror Clothing are doing the official T-Shirts for SAW and they completely kick ass. Quotting their website:

This is the beginning of what we hope will be a long and profitable relationship with Lions Gate Entertainment… In recent years Lions Gate has become a big supporter of the horror genre, backing and releasing many cool projects. Their latest effort is SAW. A kick-ass genre flick that's very reminiscent of all the old Italian Giallo's most of us grew up with.

We first checked out SAW at a special sneak peak and fell in love with this twisted mix of horror, mystery and suspense. We immediately contacted Lion's Gate to license some shirts. (Special Thanks to Chela Johnson at Lions Gate for believing in our work and going to bat for us!!!) We wanted these designs to be special so we brought out the big guns in the art department; Legendary illustrator Chas Balun spent weeks in his studio with his trusty rapidograph pen hand-stippling these original works of art. And that's just what they are, works of art.

Almost too cool to be on a t-shirt; these bad-boys are suitable for framing! In the near future we hope to be working on shirts for other Lions Gate films like Haute Tension (High Tension), ToolBox Murders, and more! Order now! Support us, support Lions Gate, and support the genre!

Dig it? you better! Check the pic below! If you wanna buy yourself some SAW t-shirts head here


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