Rottweiler movie pictures and trailer

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Today we added a few pics and a link to the trailer, for Brian Yuzna's upcoming Horror movie "Rottweiler".

A desperate fugitive, running from the past, pursued by ROTT, the beast that stops at nothing to carry out the order to kill.  A rottweiler left for dead that comes back ever stronger, with fangs and jaws of steel and a single-minded bloodlust.

Reinforced with modern technology and possessed of an ancient evil that will not die until it has devoured the heart and possessed the soul of its prey.

A chase across a landscape of terror where there is no friend, no refuge, no respite from relentless violence and cruelty,... there is only the hunter and the hunted.

You can view this pics (in bigger size) and a few more at our Rottweiler Gallery.

To watch the International Trailer in QT format, just click here.

Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with SFX Guru Vincent Guastini, who did all the phantastic Special Effects for "Rottweiler". To read the interview and look at some exclusive SFX Pics, just click Exclusive Vincent Guastini Interview.


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