Hakeem's Movie Guide for Jan 14th Weekend

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With the weekend coming, it is time to let you know whats playing, and whats worth seeing. Or at least as far as Hakeem sees it. To kick things off lets start with what is hitting theatres, and in how many theatres it is hitting. See list below:

Number of Movie - Theatres
Coach Carter - 2,524
Elektra - 3,204
Racing Stripes - 3,185
House of Flying Daggers - 1,016+
In Good Company - 1,565
The Phantom of the Opera - 907

Coach Carter watched it last month. its not a bad movie, and Samuel L Jackson is good as usual, but the movie just doesnt bring anything new to the genre. its the typical story of the good Coach getting to train a high school team of bad tough kids. he teaches them about life while taking them to the championship.

Elektra stay away from it!!! ( Read my Review )

Racing Stripes havent seen but just like Shark Tale, its good actors (Dustin Hoffman)whoring themselves to be in a CGI kids movie that'll make money. I guess they're stupid agents arent good enough to put them in the only animated (american) movies that matter: Pixar Movies

House of Flying Daggers Im really excited about this one and I hope to see it this weekend. I wasnt very nice to Hero but I did admit that the movie was beautifully filmed and it had just awesome choreographies despite the pace to be really slow for me. most people loved it though. House of Flying Daggers is supposed to be better than Crouching Tiger but as good as Hero so who knows. is a must see anyway. ( Read Rene's Review of the Movie )

In Good Company just an awesome film. from the same director as About a Boy, and American Pie. Im just in love with this movie. ( read my review )

The Phantom of the Opera havent seen it yet and we've already talked about it, it doesnt look good and it the word hasnt been positive either despite the movie being nominated for a golden globe. it'll open on wide release next week. ( Read Alexis's Review )

So, what to watch:
1- In Good Company
2- House of Flying Daggers
3- Coach Carter
4- The Phantom of the Opera
5- Racing Stripes
6- Elektra

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