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Requested by DreamWorks and LucasFilm - "The biggest small film ever made." A new independent short film is inspired by Steven Spielberg's experiences during the making of his 1970's shark blockbuster. The fan website 'Spielberg Films' reports:

While the film "Jaws" is a classic, the story behind "Jaws" production is legendary. It's this legend that inspired "Courage & Stupidity," a new short 25-minute film about the making of Spielberg's classic (the title is a reference to Spielberg's comment about what he thinks of when he remembers the production of "Jaws.")

The film, a loving, comedic re-imagining of the troubled production of "Jaws" was written and directed by Darin Beckstead and produced by Guillermo Suescum. The film recreates the difficulties Spielberg had filming "Jaws" while comically pinning the blame for the problematic sharks that nearly sank the "Jaws" production on Spielberg and his friend George (yeah, that George!)

"Courage & Stupidity" was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah on 35mm Kodak film with Panavision camera equipment. It's a very professional looking piece of work, as evidenced through the trailer's crisp photography by Brian Sullivan (who was the 2nd unit cinematographer on Chris Columbus' "Bicentennial Man.")

The film had its premiere last month in New York at the Queens Film Festival. You can watch the trailer and visit the official site by clicking on the links below! Courage and Stupidity Trailer: http://www.courageandstupidity.com/Trailer.htm

Courage and Stupidity Official Site: www.courageandstupidity.com



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