The Village hits DVD's Jan 11th.

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It is difficult to write a summary that doesn’t ruin any of this film, so the following is fairly short and sweet. The Village is a film about a group of settlers in a rural area that have come to an agreement with the inhabitants of the woods surrounding their town. The villagers will not stray into the woods and the creatures in the woods will not come into the village. A problem arises however when there becomes a necessity to leave the village in order to solve an ethical dilemma.

Why You Should See This Movie:
First of all, M. Night Shyamalan is probably one of the best, if not the best director in Hollywood right now. In writing, directing and producing this film, he again has demonstrated his incredible gifts as a filmmaker to suck you into a world he creates and lead you through the movie with you trusting him completely. With that said, everything about this film is absolutely stunning. The acting by all involved, especially the headliners Bryce Dallas Howard (Ivy) and Joaquin Phoenix (Lucius Hunt) is perfect. They all create the eerie, yet believable world Shyamalan is attempting to portray. The filming and the way the story is presented is absolutely flawless. Shyamalan is able to get so much information across the screen with simply the placement of the camera and the sounds he chooses to employ at certain times of the film. The conclusion of the story is very difficult to guess throughout, but I felt ended appropriately and logically. It takes several twists along the way that keep you very interested throughout.

Why You Shouldn't See This Movie:
My only critique of the film, and it is a very small one, is the pacing of the film for the first half hour. A lot of foundation had to be layed in terms of characters and plot before the story could take off, but I still felt a little bored right at first. Looking back, I don’t know how it could have been different, but it did take a slight bit away from the film. The film also had its scary moments so if the jump out at you thing is not your bag, this one is probably not for you. Also, kids under 16 probably not only would not appreciate it, but be pretty scared especially if watching in the theater.

The Village is a masterpiece of filmmaking that succeeds in nearly every facet. The imaginative story is told cleverly and effectively and the use of phenomenal acting and filming make this a must see for sure.

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