Night Stalkers on Hold! Was Blade 3 that bad?

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So as you know earlier in this week it was reported on MoviesOnline that Night Stalkers is on hold and the reason given is that Blade 3 did not really do all that well. They are now waiting to see how it performs on dvd before deciding what to do with a NightStalkers Sequel. My question to you is was it really that bad? I saw it, I even sort of liked it.

The original Blade grossed 130 million and Blade 2 grossed 155 million in theatres. Give or take a few pennies. ( not an accountant ) As of today I am told that Blade 3 has grossed just under 50 million dollars. Not exactly up to par with the first 2. But the question becomes WHY. Was the focus to much on the night stalkers angle? Did they lose the magic blade formula? Did they try to go way over the top with Blade 3 and forgot the base fans? I dont know, I am not even going to try and say.

I can say that I did not enjoy Blade 3 as much as Blade and Blade 2. The new characters added very little to the Blade like atmosphere and did not complement Wesley Snipes well at all. I know their were piles of rumors circulating about how pissed Snipes was to have two people scoring on his action, and perhaps he was pissed because he saw it ruining his action.

I think that a Night Stalkers movie with some re-casting could work. I didnt like the current choices, with the exception of Ryan Reynolds, man did he crack me up! Could Blade live on? Could the series recover and a Blade 4 pop up? I think Blade can! As much as people say that Blade 3 was a stinker, a bomb, whatever, I disagree. Any movie that makes $55million is not shabby, add to that some dvd revenue and I am sure that their is still value in a Blade 4. If anything it will drive us back to a lower budget, and that is when Blade rocked most, so as viewers we dont lose at all by the latest issues with Blade 3, if anything we win. We are either going to get a kick ass, lower budget Blade 4, or nothing.... and that cant be bad!


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