Quentin Tarantinos Vega Brothers Movie Impossible?

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Alot of people, even Quinten Tarantino himself, thinks think that makeing the rumored movie "the Vega brothers" is impossible. Which in clear and plain perspective it is. Both actors are much older now and it has been at least ten years sense the resevoir dogs movie (it would have to be a prequil considering that both characters did die). But before contradicting their thinking I want to make it clear that I am NOT a die hard Tarantino fan (infact I like more romantic love stories when it comes to the films I make)...I am a film fan. I love movies, film and any other performing art in this world.

I am simply supporting the concept of the film because I feel, as a aspireing filmmaker, that it would be a great movie. Like many Tarantino films, it would have high entertainment value. With that out of the way, I can honestly state the following... While it is true that the actors may be slightly too old for the part, they still look relatively close (barring ofcourse the extra weight Travolta has put on). Other than that there is little change needed in apperance that can not be done with simple prosteics and makeup. I mean, one of the wonders of actors is that they have spent the money on keeping their apperance so that they look almost immortal in a sense. I think it would be quite possable to make a sequel.

Granted it couldnt be to long before the movies but it is quite possable if the main problem is simply the actors ages. And thats what I am saying. If that is the only reason he (Tarantino) is not makeing it then he might be underestimating both his and films capabilities. However, whether they make the film or not, the Vaga brothers as characters are bound to show up again in the future is some form or another by Tarantinos hand.

And like we all seem to notice about the Director, he is just the kind of person to bring back the brothers in some future film, he has the ability to surprise us, to make our jaws drop and stir up film that are so simple in concept but yet manage to keep a depth in an almost light hearted black comedy sort of way.

Editors Note: Thanks to the scooper that sent this in, great read. If you want to send your own scoops or articles in go right ahead, please include your name so we can credit you for your work. I have to agree with the writer on the points that they bring up. I am also not a huge Tarantino fan, but I do love his style. The potential for this sequel/prequel is immense!


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