Whats with DVD Packaging?

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Ok so this is not really movie specific but I have had a rough week and decided to settle in to watch some movies and wanted to know what the hell is up with the dvd packaging these days. Let me make my point. DVD's are not cheap. In some cases I pay as much as $30.00 for a single DVD. I dont mind paying it knowing that it supports film makers, and the studios that make them, afterall that is why we started this site, because we love movies THAT MUCH! However,  when I spend $30.00 I at the very least expect a decent case.

I own over 1,000 movies. In fact it is probably closer to 1,500. All bought and paid for and shelved in my home library in their shiney cases. I should probly add in here some sort of disclaimer that not all are paid for, that some were sent to me by fine studios looking for an opinion on their films. Thanks by the way! :) The thing that gets me is when I pickup a dvd and they cant be bothered to put it in a proper case. You know what I am talking about? Those cardboard sleeves, with the plastic lip to hold it all together. I mean what on earth is going on. I am paying good money for this movie, and I cant even get a proper plastic case to protect it? To me this is an insult to those of us who spend a whack of cash every week on movies. If companies Like Ardustry, and indie film makers like Zombie Night & Stink of Flesh can afford proper cases, why cant the mainstream movie packaging be the same?

Now lets go back a second and let me retort my own comments. As much as I just said that I want my movies in pretty cases, if you appeal to my sense of the dollar I can be much more receptive. For example I bought The Postman, and Three Kings for a steal, and they all came in cheap sleaves. Because they came in cheap sleaves, I could give two craps, why? I only paid about $5.00 per movie, and they were legal, new copies, unused. I find it great when studios release old movies on dvd's for fans like myself and give us a great deal. The thing here is I dont want to pay $30.00, or for that matter $20.00 for a movie and get it in some cheap cardboard wrap with a plastic lip on it.

I expect to pay for my movies, and I happily do so but I mean come on, gimme a decent package would you? I was so dissapointed when I bought all three Mad Max dvds to add to my collection and paid over $20.00 per movie and they came in cheap cardboard sleeves. So yes that is my rant-athon for the day. If you would like to share some thoughts with me send an email to scoops@moviesonline.ca and make the subject "DVD Packaging".

Granted about 90% of movies come in proper cases. So my point is very minimal and perhaps I am the only person who reads this site that even gives a crap, but hey I felt I had to share my 5minute rant. Thanks for reading :)



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