Who Wants More Beetlejuice?!

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Michael Keaton does, and I do too.   undefined undefinedIn an interview to promote his newest film "White Noise", Michael Keaton briefly brought up one sequel he would be keenly interested in exploring - 1989's supernatural dark comedy classic "Beetlejuice".  Here's a piece from that interview:
Question: You think you might work with Tim Burton again?

Answer: Man sure I hope so.  He's great.  He's just one of those guys that you just wanna be around that stuff.  It's true art.

Question: Have you guys discussed some ideas on possible films?

Answer: Well the thing I always wanted to remake, or the thing I always wanted to do, and still do... not remake.  I wanna do another BEETLEJUICE.  I think there's room to do it, cause there's nothing like it, and there never will be anything like it.  But you kind of don't want to mess it up, and the only way to do it is with Tim involved.  He doesn't want to direct it.  So I talked to him and said "Where do you have time in your life to produce it, and let's find a guy to direct it and write it."  I don't how he's gonna do that, or how I'm gonna do it.  I'd just make the time to do it.  But I'd like to do it.  He's original and an artist, and you really can't say that about too many people.
That would be very cool if the two of them were ever to hook up again, I would love to see a sequel.  *Begins to sing*.. " undefined undefinedDaylight come and me wan' go home".



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