Aja speaks about The Hills Have Eyes Remake

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Alexandre Aja well known as the director of Haute Tension is now getting ready to film The Hills Have Eyes remake. In a recent interview he commented on what he wants to do with the film. Here is a clip from that interview.

"I think The Hills Have Eyes will be great; it will be nasty, savage and very scary. For the film, I think we can just improve on what we tried in (Haute Tension). (T)he new version is much more than a simple remake; it’s a very good survival film."

I beilieve that the orginal was really overhyped as one of the classic horror films. To me it is nothing more than a movie trying to capitalize off of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" hype. Its basically about a family that is stranded in their RV out in the desert. Hiding in the mountains is a cannibalistic family hunting the family down one by one. Not as good as it sounds.

Source: Arrow In The Head


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