British Gaillo Thriller comes Online!

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The official website for "Mysophobia" is now online. This is the next film from the indie horror team at Resurrection Films UK Limited. The plot is as follows: "A city is in the grip of a brutal murderer. During one night whilst drunk, Johnny Kerr stumbles upon the aftermath of one of these murders.

The police question Johnny believing to be involved as he is unable to remember the exact details of the night. As the investigation continues so do the murders, and in order to clear himself, Johnny tries to work out who the killer is. However his investigations reveal a darker web of secrets. This is a story of sex, corruption and murder." The film is a heavily stylised thriller with its roots firmly within the work of Dario Argento. Expected festival release is early 2005 More details and the trailer can be seen at

source: scooper named "argento fan"


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