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As you probably have figured out if you are a regular reader we are monster fans of George Romero and even bigger fans of Land of the Dead. Last week we had a scooper tell us that Romero had walked off the set of Land of the Dead, and we then had some follow up news about a person working on a Land of the Dead documentary confirming this fact. Needless to say this information alarmed all of us.
In an effort to gather some information on this matter we talked to some of our insider contacts who were able to give us some more information. As for Romero walking off set, according to our reliable sources, yes it was true he did leave the set. But their is a big difference between LEAVING the set and "quitting the movie" . Remember Romero is working on a very big budget film, even bigger then he has ever worked on and sometimes you just need to take a break.
Our sources tells us that yes like any big project their are pressures and producer demands and I am sure that did put pressure on Romero, but isnt that a producers job? So our understanding is that yes their were production issues in making the movie, and yes Romero did leave the set, but no he didnt quit, and no their is no threat of the movie not meeting its deadline. Romero is used to doing films in a very independent film makers way, taking his time to put his touches on things.  Sometimes producers and movie timelines can get in the way of that. Such is life!

There is absolutely no reason to panic since he walked off on the final day of shooting 5 hours before it was supposed to wrap. Look at it like leaving early on a friday. The rumors of him quitting the movie, or just giving up and throwing in the towel are silly.   The producers and the rest of the crew stepped in and finished shooting the film which was just insert shots that they needed. Considering it was only 5 hours before the final wrap it was obviously only going to be small things that needed to be done. Something that they could do easy enough without George.  Mr. Romero is a really cool guy and it is shown by the fact that 2 days later he was at the wrap party and seemed in good spirits.

Land of the Dead will continue as planned, with the same estimated release date as far as we know. So get out your wallets, this movie is going to be one worth seeing, if only because George Romero is directing.  Later on today or tomorrow we will share some more goodies from Land of the Dead, we just dont want to overwhelm you with info all at once :)

The moral here is that yes Romero did leave the set, no he did not quit the movie, and yes we will get Land of the Dead. So put down your pitchforks, unload your shotguns and get ready for Land of the Dead. Good things cometh! As with anything take it with a grain of salt, and keep two things in mind a) George Romero is the king of zombies and will deliver like he always has and b) Universal is involved and they have proven with Dawn of the Dead 2004 and Shaun they know a good zombie movie!

Land of the dead is the final movie in Romero's saga of Zombie Films. Sometime ago an unimaginable catastrophe destroyed much of human civilization. The recently dead, for an unknown reason, had returned to life and taken the lives of their living brothers and sisters. These "zombies" multiplied rapidly by adding to their ranks with every new victim. Many years later, the dead greatly outnumbered the living. The remnants of humanity fled to a city, where a feudal like government had taken hold. Fiddler’s Green, the center of this fortress city, is where the rich and powerful lived in luxury while the rest of humanity lived in poverty around them. Paul Kaufman, leaving no room for freedom in his kingdom, rules with an iron fist and overwhelming firepower. Head to the movie section for more!

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