Rumor: Blade 4 & Freddy vs Jason 2 Updates

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You may recall a few days ago we received a scoop about the director of Blade being approached to direct Freddy vs Jason 2. Well the talented news team at Bloody Disgusting ( yes we really like them B-D Guys and Gals ) did their own leg work on our rumor and announced it as false from their own credible source. So remember this is RUMOR and you can believe it or not, but the scooper has emailed us again to say.

Contrary to what other internet sites have been reporting, New Line has indeed contacted Norrington for the Freddy vs. Jason sequel but passed on it over the weekend.  Need not worry because there are back up plans and someone will be announced soon.  In fact, I am almost positive that were going to be issuing the official details sometime before the end of this year.

So we jot this down as nothing but rumor, until New line puts out an official press release. In fact from now on anything that is NOT official will be considered rumor and speculation even if the source is from the company. Our scooper says:

I my self have read the script  and I just wanted to re assure the fans that A Freddy does get more kills and B this time its more Jason oriented ala Crystal Lake setting this time and more character driving by his and the Friday the 13th past.

Sounds pretty cool, I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this flick. The scooper then continues to tell us that Blade 4 is in the works, that Wesley Snipes is on board, but Goyer is passing.

Even though Blade 3 hasn’t lived up to the numbers of the previous films part 4 is well underway.  Wesley Snipes was signed for this movie when he signed the contract for Trinity but it looks more and more like Goyer will not be returning as he has said to have had enough and is thankful for what the series has done for him.

Some pretty cool stuff going on over at New Line. I am stoked to hear that we might see a Blade 4, even though I have not seen Blade 3. So enjoy the "insider" rumors, and as soon as we hear anything official we will let you know! Kudos to Bloody Disgusting for checking this out for fans and announcing their own findings!


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