Exorcism movie gets renamed !

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The movie known as "The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel" got a new name. Thx to Gloria Davies (Unit Publicist) for sending us this information. The movie now is titled "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".

Directed by Scott Derrickson, it is based on real events taking place in the early till mid 1970’s. The real events lead to the last official Exorcism in Germany, and the following "Aschaffenburger Exorcism Lawsuit".

The movie is a co-production between Firm Films and Lakeshore Entertainment. Firm Films just wrapped the Rob Zombie-directed "The Devil's Rejects" for Lions Gate Films.The movie is filmed  in Vancouver BC, with Scott Derrickson (Hellraiser:Inferno, Ghosting) directing for Screen Gems. Derrickson also wrote the script together with Paul Boardman.

You can read all about the real case in our exclusive here.


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