Jon Hamm is Christopher Nolans Superman?

Posted by: Michael

I am not afraid to say that Bryan Singers Superman Returns was a bomb in my books. I did not really like anything about it except for the nostalgia factor. The best news I heard was that Christopher Nolan and David Goyer the masterminds behind Batman Begins and Dark Knight were working with the studio to reboot things.

Over the last little while we have heard lots of rumors on potential stars and today from ThinkMcFlyThink comes an interesting and unconfirmed report that Jon Hamm of Mad Men is a contendor to play Superman.

Jon Hamm is nearly 40 so he is an interesting choice in that he is not the youngest man but an older Superman certainly works from the stand point of storyline potential. With Superman slated for a December 2012 release date they will need to get cracking soon. What are your thoughts on Jon Hamm as Superman?


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