Avatar Special Edition DVD, 16 Minutes of Unseen Footage

Posted by: Michael

If you were planning on seeing AVATAR Special Edition in theaters on August 27th you may now want to reconsider that. The DVD is being released this november and it has been revealed by THR that the DVD will feature 18 more minutes of never before seen footage.

Two things come to mind first of which is I will be passing on the August re-release in theaters. Secondly why on earth would FOX let this leak out? This comes off as a major money grab to get you to see the film twice in theaters and then again on DVD. Definitely a genius move from a capitalization stand point its just a real shame they couldnt keep a lid on it.

Has this news changed your thoughts on seeing the extended Special Edition Avatar in theaters? 8 Minutes more enough for you? Or will you wait to see the full 16 in theaters?



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