5 Best 'Hell Yes' Movie Moments

Posted by: Michael

Over the years I have seen literally thousands of movies, some good, some not so good but within that mix of films there have been some truly awesome movie moments that I sum up best as The Best ‘Hell Yes’ Movie Moments where either the hero kicks ass and takes names or where the plot takes a twist and throws you for the kind of loop that has you screaming Hell Yes. Below are my 6 best hell yes movie moments. It is worth noting that in all six cases I am revealing some serious plot spoilers so read on only if you dare.

SAW – As much as the SAW follow ups were a watered down take on the masterpiece original SAW is still one of the best horror thrillers I have seen. Adam and Laurence wake up to find themselves chained to opposite sides of a dark and dank cellar with a man sprawled out between them having blown his own head off. Both find themselves caught up in Jigsaw’s tortured game as they are forced to try and survive a diabolical game of life and death.

The hell yes moment comes in the very end as the creepy SAW music crescendos and the man with the gaping bloody hole in his head in the middle of the floor stands up and walks out. He is not a victim but rather he is the JIGSAW. Truly a great moment in horror cinema and one I did not see coming as the un-assuming corpse of a poor victim stands up and walks out of the room the actual mastermind behind the games of Jigsaw.

District 9: It’s a hard task as a sci-fi geek to find things not to like about District 9. Great writing combined with awesome sci-fi visual effects and a great cast District 9 is one of my all time favourite sci-fi films. Wikus is a meek and mild mannered inspector who works for the MNU in District 9 helping keep the ‘prawns’ as they are known out of trouble and in line as they get ready to move them to a new internment camp.

Wikus inadvertently infects himself with an alien virus which turns him from a mild mannered MNU inspector to a wanted fugitive as the alien infection spreads in him and his former colleagues and MNU mercenaries hunt him down. The hell yes moment comes when he is taken hostage by the Nigerian gangs and is about to be eaten alive and an ALIEN Mech suit comes to life obliterating the Nigerians. The mech suit opens for Wikus to don the suit and he then unleashes holy hell on the MNU mercenaries turning the hunters into the hunted. Watching the average Joe Wikus finally get his revenge as he goes from mild mannered inspector to ass kicking alien hybrid in a mech suit is the definition of a Hell Yes moment. Wikus obliterates whole sections of District 9 in an epic battle with MNU mercenaries making it one of the best Hell Yes action moments in a sci-fi movie.

FEAST – Directed by John Gulager FEAST was the Project Greenlight film which I had little expectations for but ended up being one of my all time favourite horror films. Well written with an awesome cast and fantastic practical FX Feast is gory, intense and incredibly funny in a very dark way. The highlight of FEAST is the ass kicking hero who comes to save the day and prevent the ‘monsters’ in the dark from getting into the bar and making lunch out of the inhabitants. The hell yes moment comes as we first meet this ass kicking hero.

He is half way through his monologue about being ‘the guy that is going to save your asses’ when a monster reaches in through the window, tears his head off and ends the hero before he can even do his thing. One of the funniest, bloodiest and most randomly awesome Hell Yes moments ever. Killing the cliché hero before he can even be the hero in the first moments of the film now that’s a hell yes moment.

Raiders of the Lost Arc: The newest Indiana Jones movie was a luke warm experience for me and was not a fun experience but the original three films are classic action films. By far the most memorable Indiana Jones moment comes in Raiders of the Lost Arc where Indy finds himself facing off against a master swordsman.

The swordsman swings his sword around with precision showing off his prowess and making it very clear Indy is about to get the beat down of a lifetime. As the swordsman is show boating and preparing to attack, Indy pulls out his gun and shoots him. The most anti-climatic and hilarious moment I have seen in awhile and a definite hell yes moment. The moral here is the age old adage, don’t bring a sword to a gun fight.

The Usual Suspects: I love The Usual Suspects. I have seen this movie over 40 times and it is without a doubt one of the best crime thrillers ever made. It tells the story of a group of criminals who are pulled together by Keyser Soze to do a job. If they don’t do the job the unknown and extremely dangerous crime boss will have them and their families killed.

Keyser Soze as a demonstration of just how cut throat and dangerous he is murdered his entire family to save them shame when his wife is raped by a gang of men trying to get Keyser out of the drug business. Keyser shoots his wife, and his kids and then the men responsible. Needless to say although you don’t know who Keyser is its clear throughout he is a bad dude. The band of criminals that Keyser puts together are your typical tough guy thugs accept for Kevin Spacey character who is an introverted cripple who is scared of his own shadow and stutters around the entire time trying to contribute as much as his crippled body can so he does not become Keysers next victim. 

The hell yes moment comes in the end when Kevin Spaceys character has just been through hours of police interrogation limps away from the police station... his limp slowly fading.. as he gets into a limo and its revealed he is Keyser Soze. One of the best Hell yes moments in a crime thriller. My description of this moment and this film does not do it justice. If you have not seen this film you need to. So many twists and turns and a piece of cinematic genius!

Pulp Fiction: Quentin Tarantino became who he is because of his work on Pulp Fiction in my books. It is also one of the few roles that John Travolta has done that did not make my head hurt. Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta are mafia henchman in this intense and incredibly well told criminal tale that has some truly fantastic characters including Bruce Willis as a washed up boxer and Ving Rhames as a mafia ‘brute’ who has an incredibly uncomfortable encounter with a Nazi. The hell yes moment in this film comes when John Travolta and Samuel L Jacksons characters are transporting ‘Marvin’ in their car.

Throughout the drive they are bantering back and forth and having a lively and interesting conversation. John’s character turns to ask him a question and accidentally and completely out of the blue shoots him in the face blasting his brains and skull all over the back window. The random moment of extreme violence takes your breath away and is what we like to say is a hell yes movie moment.

There are my 6 favourite hell yes movie moments and I now invite you to share your own moments with me.


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