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Detective Allen Gamble is a forensic accountant who's more interested in paperwork than hitting the streets. Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) is a tough guy who has been stuck with Allen (Will Ferrell) as his partner ever since an unfortunate run-in with Derek Jeter. Allen and Terry idolize the city's top cops, Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Highsmith (Samuel L. Jackson), but when an opportunity arises for the Other Guys to step up, things don't quite go as planned.

We sat down with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Adam McKay and Eva Mendes at the Comic Con press conference for their new movie, The Other Guys. They talked to us about their real life crazy cop encounters, the Funny or Die sketches they wished they could have been in, and what it was like hanging out with Bill Shatner and ingesting peyote in Baja. Here’s what they had to tell us about their action comedy which opens on August 6th:

Q: You look like you're having so much fun making this film. What percentage of the lines was in the script and what percentage was improv?

Ferrell: Adam, what percentage would you say was scripted?

McKay: For our bond company we have to give them the exact percentages and so we brought in the actuary who broke it down. This movie was 14.3789% improvised and then the rest was scripted.

Ferrell: So that would be eighty five, eighty six percent scripted.

McKay: It's probably fifteen to twenty percent improvised because we goof around in the scenes, but the overall story structure obviously stays the same.

Q: Will and Mark, obviously you have to improvise and have someone to play off of. How did that dynamic work and how did you keep up with Will, Mark?

Wahlberg: Actually Will had to keep up with me.

Ferrell: It's true. I had to keep up with Mark.

Wahlberg: And all the curve balls I was throwing at him.

Ferrell: No. It really is kind of the same approach in terms of whether it's a drama or a comedy. We both just have the same philosophy of treating the character as if it's real, be earnest in every moment and we're never winking at the camera. Since we had the same philosophy it was very easy to improvise with each other.

Q: Eva, you're obviously working with one of the sexiest men in Hollywood –

Mendes: Can you clarify which one you're talking about because I have three of the sexiest men up here with me.

Ferrell: Thank you very much.

McKay: Three piece of USDA choice.

Wahlberg: Marbled beef.

Q: What do you find sexy about each of them and who would you want to spend time with on the beach?

Mendes: A beach, really? I think for me – this is very unprofessional to objectify these men like this. I don't know. (Laughing)

Ferrell: It's not supposed to be a funny question.

McKay: Yeah, what's so amusing about it? I like my actors to be a little pumped for the scenes so we had weights on set and all of us were shirtless and lifting weights.

Mendes: And we all had tickets to the gun show. But the truth is that these guys are really funny. I can't do it. I'm so sorry. I have to talk to these guys later on. I can't really expose what I find sexy about them besides the fact –

Ferrell: There is no sex appeal about any of us, except for maybe Mark on a good day.

Wahlberg: Not any more.

Mendes: I'm sorry. I sucked. That was horrible. I don't know what happened.

Q: Is it great coming to San Diego, Will, after doing 'Anchorman'?

Ferrell: It really has been. 

Mendes: Is there going to be a next 'Anchorman'?

Ferrell: No.

McKay: But we're excited about it even though it's never going to happen.

Ferrell: Even though it's never going to happen. So please pester Paramount Pictures to make the right decision. But, in answer to your question, it is great to be back in the whale's vagina.

Mendes: One of the greatest lines of all time. That and 'You're a real hooker and I'm going to smack you in public.’ Ribs. I had ribs for lunch.

Q: Have any of you had any real life crazy cop encounters?

Wahlberg: I've had no experience whatsoever with the cops. Not once.

Ferrell: I grew up, I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the mean streets of Irvine, California. It’s a pretty tough neighborhood. I once got a bicycle ticket from the Irvine PD for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and my other encounter with law enforcement is getting pulled over in Los Angeles in my Prius doing fifty in a thirty five. So that's it for me.

Q: Eva, how did you get in shape for this movie?

Mendes: Physically? I just did the usual.

Wahlberg: Rolled out of bed. Show up.

Ferrell: A lot of Kool-Aid and Euros.

Mendes: I went old school. I pulled out the old Jane Fonda workout. No. I hate working out but I have to do it so I go to the gym and do weights and run and do all that stupid shit I have to do to stay employed as an actress.

Ferrell: There was that annoying guy –

Mendes: I had a trainer who bugged the shit out of Will, but it's the usual stuff.

Q: Is there any Funny or Die sketch that you've put up that you wished you could've been in? And are there any on the site that you think you could make into a good film?

Mendes: I'll take that one. That Marion Cotillard thing, why didn't you think

Mendes when you did that? What's that called?

Ferrell: 'Forehead Titties'. Great.

Mendes: I would hope you guys think Mendes when you think forehead titties but apparently you think Cotillard.

McKay: We didn't think that you had the chops for it. We were looking for a real top notch actress and we didn't think you could pull that off.

Ferrell: Someone who voluptuous and you're not very voluptuous.

McKay: I love the one where Will's in a bat fight. That's one my perennial favorites. Then there's a group called The Birthday Boys and they do one called 'Hamhat.' You have to see that if you haven't seen it.

Ferrell: It's fantastic. And there's an amazing Jewel video on there right now that's pretty incredible.

Mendes: 'Landlord' is my all time favorite. I'd like to see a movie.

McKay: They offered it to us. They really did.

Q: Do any of you guys have a great Comic Con story?

Ferrell: I was here with William Shatner about five years ago and he travels in his own motor-home and we were doing a panel, and obviously I love 'Star Trek' and he's associated with that and we were like, 'Let’s take your motor-home and go south of the border, let’s do it.' So we got a bunch of peyote and we ended up down near Mulaje which is the tip of Baja and we were there and we were like, 'Let’s throw our watches into the sea. Let’s throw all our worldly possessions in,' and we spent about three weeks down there, just me and Bill Shatner. So that was fun and that happened.

McKay: I had a crazy story the first time I was here, and this is more for pretty serious comic book fans, but I was looking for 'Marvel Team Up,' number fifty six, all you guys know Spider-Man and Scarecrow. I looked and it was so crazy funny. Instead, they had Marvel two and one 'The Thing' and 'Yancy Street Gang' where that one should've been and we laughed. Someone pulled the fire alarm.

Q: Mark, how many more seasons of 'Entourage' are left and would you like to work with Will Ferrell again?

Wahlberg: We have one season left and I don't know about you guys but I'm going to say no.

McKay: Is that true? Why are you treating Mark like that?

Ferrell: You've asked me, what, fifteen times and I've said no. I'm just looking for the right part.

McKay: It's always you playing yourself though.

Ferrell: Yeah, but there are different scenarios. I commit and I go to the wardrobe fitting and I go, 'I don't like my clothes. I'm not going to do it.'

Wahlberg: I said you could wear your own clothes.

Ferrell: And then I show up on the first day of filming and I just don't feel it.

McKay: Will has started about six or seven features and on the first day said, 'I just don't feel it,' and walked off and shut it down.

Ferrell: Little known fact.

McKay: Trivia.

Q: All you guys get along so well. Can you paint a behind the scenes pictures for us on this film?

Wahlberg: Do I look happy right now? I’ve been under the table. I'm not happy. These guys are happy.

Mendes: I couldn't even answer the question about what I find attractive about them I'm so happy.

McKay: These guys are all so professional and so right before they walked up here they all had these dour looks on their faces and they said, 'Time turn to it on,' and the face smile comes on. Our set is a very quiet set. Usually, someone will say, 'Mark is in a mood,' and Will will go, 'Guess what, I'm in a fucking mood, too.' He'll be on one side. Eva can't usually get out of the trailer and then it's just silent and tense and you can hear the film start and then they all turn it on at that moment.

Ferrell: Before each day of filming Adam usually would gather us together along with the crew and we'd all put our hands in the center and say, 'On three, let’s make some money. 1, 2, 3 let’s make some money!' Then we'd quietly and angrily go about our work.

McKay: It was a tense and jealous set. There was a lot of line counting, a lot of, 'Why does he have fourteen lines today and I have eleven,' Steve McQueen shit from like 'Towering Inferno.’

Mendes: A lot of sexism on the set.

McKay: Sure. We put the ladies in their place. Everyone knows that I'm a fundamentalist Christian so there are rules that the Bible explicitly lays out.

Ferrell: You’re half Quaker also.

McKay: I'm a reformed Quaker. No one going for the Quaker material?

Q: What’s the most underrated cop buddy movie of all times?

Wahlberg: 'Cop Out.' I just watched it again today on the way down here.

McKay: 'One False Move' doesn't count as a cop buddy movie, does it? That's a great movie.

Ferrell: 'Omega Man'. Aren't there police in that movie?

McKay: Does the 'Buddy Holly Story' count as a cop movie? That's underrated.

Mendes: I'm going to take a beat and be serious about my answer and do a little self-promotion as well.

McKay: Here we go again.

Mendes: I'm just going to say –

McKay: We are not here to promote.

Mendes: A film that Mark Wahlberg and I did called 'We Own the Night' I thought was incredibly underrated. Mark, I thought you were amazing.

Wahlberg: Well thank you, but that wasn't like a buddy cop movie.

Mendes: It was but it was just a drama buddy cop. They didn't say it was just a comedy buddy cop.

Wahlberg: But we were brothers and we didn't like each other until my dad died and I got shot in the face.

Mendes: Were there cops in the film?

Wahlberg: There were cops in the film.

Mendes: Were some of them buddies?

Wahlberg: Some of them were buddies, but 'Omega Man' –

McKay: What was the one about the two guys that lived on the house boat? Remember that one?

Mendes: 'Bosom Buddies.'

McKay: No. A cop show.

Ferrell: 'Riptide.'

McKay: Did they make that into a movie? If they did that's my favorite buddy cop movie. They didn't make that into a movie? The federal government should subsidize that.

Q: What's going on with [inaudible]?

Ferrell: That one is in deep, deep development which means nothing is happening, yeah.

Mendes: I know we're going to finish up here but I'd like to say one thing in all seriousness – shut up, you guys – I've never had as much fun as I had working on a film. I've really never felt as encouraged as I was to just be funny and just try different things with everybody. I love these guys a lot.

McKay: I want to speak for Will, too, when I say that shooting this movie with this amazing cast definitely ranks in our top thirty experiences that we've ever had.

Mendes: Anyway, I'm really serious. An amazing experience.

“The Other Guys” opens in theaters on August 6th.


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