Spiderman Reboot Begins Shooting in December

Posted by: Michael

The Spiderman Reboot according to ComingSoon is going to be heading into production alot faster then I tought it would. The film will begin shooting in December in Los Angeles. The film is being directed by Marc Webb and at this point has no title.

The film is a complete reboot taking Parker back to his highschool years and frankly its just to soon. Do we really need to have a spiderman reboot this soon? Andrew Garfield is starring as Spider Man but no word on who will play Mary Jane.

Tobey was paid $20million per flick for his part in the Spiderman movies and Andrew Garfield will start at $500,000 and work his way up to $2million according to Deadline Hollywood. Andrew Garfield will be seen next in The Social Network for those not aware of who he is. The film will be released into theaters July 3rd 2012.


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