The Many Faces of Rhona Mitra

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Rhona Mitra is best known for her work in Underworld and Doomsday but she has had many many bit roles leading up to her work in these two blockbuster films including Get Carter and a sexually perverse scene from Hollow Man. In this edition of The Many Faces Of we take a look at Rhona Mitra and her career highlights thus far. As an introductory note Rhona Mitra got her break as a model where she played a look alike to the videogame character Laura Croft which has pretty much set the trend for her career so far

Rhona Mitras first major film role was in Hollow Man and by major I mean it was a big film but her role was film. In the film she plays a young woman who lives next door to Sebastian played by Kevin Bacon who falls prey to him when he becomes invisible. A sexually perverse scene Rhona Mitra played the small bit role well bringing her obvious sex appeal and acting skills to the small role. Looking back at this film it is ironic how she played such a weak and attractive characters since later in her career she takes her sex appeal in a much more dominant direction

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Rhona then went on to star alongside Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter where she played Geraldine. The film is about a man out for revenge ( played by Stallone ) and is packed with grit and dark characters. I will admit that I typically love this type of revenge thriller but for whatever reason the film just fell a bit flat for me even with Rhona Mitras small role.

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After Get Carter Rhona Mitra went on to star as a mother protecting her child from evil werewolves in Skinwalkers. As good as the trailer looked for this movie the film itself is easily one of the top 10 worst films I have ever seen. From ridiculous characters to incredibly mindless action SkinWalkers is the definition of a bad movie. The only highlight of this movie was Rhona Mitra looking hot toting a shotgun and proving that moms can be both maternal and smoking hot in films, even really bad ones.

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After Skinwalkers Rhona Mitra went on to appear in The Number 23 which starred Jim Carrey. The film a dark thriller about numerology got mixed reviews. In it she plays college student Laura Tollins who comes to an untimely end at the hands of a killer with her sex appeal once again driving her character.

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Rhona Mitra continued her small roles in big films playing Special Agent Alourdes Galindo in Mark Wahlbergs Shooter about a special forces sniper who gets caught up in a conspiracy to kill the president. The wallpaper from the film pretty much says it all as once again she uses sex appeal to drive along her character

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After doing Shooter Rhona Mitra finally came into her own with a leading role in DOOMSDAY. Neil Marshall who is an icon of horror films cast her perfectly as an incredibly sexy Snake Plissken style character who not only looks smoking hot in latex but kicks alot of butt along the way. Rhona Mitra stars as Major Eden Sinclair who is sent into a quarantine zone to find a cure for a plague and battle off hordes of cannibals and medieval freaks.

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After Doomsday she once again took on a leading role in the UNDERWORLD franchise when she took over for Kate Beckinsale in Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. Playing the role of Sonya she doesnt replace Kate’s character but she does replace her overall film presence playing the same role of a sexy vampire lycan killer. Overall its the weakest film in the franchise but certainly not  a bad film and since Rhona Mitras role as Sonya was to emphasize hotness and action much like in DOOMSDAY she really delivers the goods.

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