The Twilight Saga Eclipse DVD Details

Posted by: Michael

This weekend we caught up with the director of Twilight Eclipse David Slade and the producer Wyck Godfrey who gave us the inside scoop on the upcoming DVD release telling us the following in regards to deleted scenes;

Wyck Godfrey: Well, the nude scene you shot that wasn’t in the book will probably be on there. I don’t know, I think with any film, you go through the process of kind of editing it down to its fighting weight, and ultimately you’re going to end up with some scenes that didn’t end up in the movie.

David Slade: There were a number of scenes which just felt excessive in terms of beating the same story, so we took them out, but some of them were really nice and are great little standalones.

Wyck Godfrey: There was a great scene with Angela and Kristin that is really just kind of two girls talking about guy troubles, and it’s really, really sweet, but it took place in a section of the movie that we really had to kind of propel.

David Slade: What happens is the film has its own momentum from the script, and you start driving and you start snowballing, you start going and going and going. By the time you hit the third act you’re just blasting along. And that scene just went — (skidding noise) stop. But it’s a beautiful scene, beautifully performed, and it’s going to be a nice, little bonus for fans of the books to know that we went and shot that stuff.

As far as behind the scenes goodies go the producer told us;

Well, I think there’s going to be a lot of classic behind the scenes stuff. You’ll get to see how we did most of the action and stunts in the movie and a lot of the CG process, so all of that stuff, I think, will flesh out the experience for audiences that do like to go behind the camera and see how it’s all done.

More details as we get them. Look for our complete interview with David Slade later today.


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