12 Blockbuster Films Recreated Using Legos

Posted by: Michael

Stop motion is an art that very few people know how to do and even fewer know how to do right. I have always been a fan of stopmotion but even more so a fan of stop motion recreations of blockbuster movies with lego!

Below are 12 movies that have been recreated using lego pieces. Everything from Blade Runner to Indiana Jones and Shaun of the Dead. Some are scenes from the films, some are trailers and in one case its the actual movie. Checkout the videos below.

Lego Aliens Movie

GREASE Lego Movie

MATRIX Lego Movie

The Thing Lego Movie

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Lego Movie

Crocodile Dundee Lego Movie

Blade Runner Lego Movie

Star Wars Revenge of the Fallen Lego Movie

Monty Python Lego Movie

Office Space Lego Movie

Shaun of the Dead Lego Movie

Indiana Jones Lego Movie


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