Lost Boys The Thirst Trailer

Posted by: Michael

Lost Boys is a part of horror history as one of the best teen-vampire movies ever made. Lost boys 2 is a part of horror history as one of the lamest and worst cash in sequels ever made. Surprisingly the trailer for Lost boys 3 looks like this one might actually focus on giving fans a great film and not just a quick cash in sequel. It surprises me I am even saying Lost Boys 3: The Thirst looks good when you consider just how bad the first one was. Watch the trailer below.

Synopsis: "The thankless life of a vampire hunter has taken its toll on Edgar Frog. After losing best friend and fellow vamp fighter, Sam, he has started to let himself slide. He's down to selling his prized comic book collection just to pay rent on a decrepit trailer when stunning vampire novelist Gwen approaches with an offer. She needs him to find her brother who has gone missing after getting sucked into a series of underground raves, called 'The Gathering,' held by an enigmatic spinner named DJ Dusk.

In a last, frantic message he mentioned being given a new party drug known as The Thirst, which turned out to be a mixture of ecstasy and vampire blood. Gwen shows Edgar a vile of the The Thirst, explaining DJ Dusk must be a head vampire and he's using his parties to raise an undead army. With the last rave, 'The Final Gathering,' only days away Edgar must assemble a vamp-hunting team worthy of crashing the party, and hopes to include his reclusive brother who's dealing with his own dark past. Before the battle is over Edgar will discover there is a greater evil at work and must face his most haunting fear"


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