The Many Face of Megan Fox

Posted by: Michael

Megan Fox recently parted ways with Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise. Whether or not she was fired by the studio or Michael Bay or simply had enough and decided to walk away will not be known for awhile.Anyway you cut it Megan Fox is no longer a part of the billion dollar Transformers Franchise which made her famous. One of my favourite pieces to do is called ‘The Many Faces Of’ where I take a quick look at an actor or actress and the roles they have played. After doing some research on Megan Fox its quite clear that Michael Bay really did put her on the map and her career very well could be dead now if she is not careful.

Megan Fox made her film debut in ‘Holiday in the Sun’ at the age of 16 where she was listed under her full proper named Megan Denise Fox. If you like me have never heard of or seen this little gem its probably because your not a pre-teen girl. The film was an Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen film making it clearly a tween film for young girls. Megan Fox played the role of Brianna Wallace a rich girl / mean girl and the evil nemesis of Ashley Olsen’s character.This was a direct to DVD production in November of 2001

Megan Fox followed up her role in Holiday in the Sun with a role that really for me epitomes what she offers to films. She had anun-credited role in Bad Boys 2 as a dancing bikini girl. Really do I have to say much else on this? ( Image Courtesy of SlashFilm )

After only two small roles she leaped into fame when Michael Bay cast her in Transformers. Before she did Transformers she did have quite  a few roles in various TV shows including Hope & Faith, Two and a Half Men and What I like about you but as far as films go she went from tween movie, to pinup girl in Bad Boys 2 right to Transformers. Michael Bay can clearly take the credit for putting Megan Fox on the popular culture radar.

After Tranformers Megan Fox did How to Lose Friends and Alienate people playing the role of ‘Temptress’ Sophie Maes. Released in 2008 I did not see this movie when the filmmakers turned to the Internet and campaign fans NOT to see the film since it was apparently edited to be something the filmmakers and star Simon Pegg did not consider the original work. For that reason I passed on seeing this film despite the fact it starred Simon Pegg and the incredibly talented and gorgeous Gillian Anderson.

After completing  How To Lose Friends & Alienate People Megan moved onto Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. The second film was even more giant robot ass kicking action and even more of Megan Fox parading around in tight and or low cut outfits. Megan Fox displayed her great skills of leaning over bikes looking hot and throwing up quirky one liners as little robots try to hump her leg.

Jennifer's Body was Megan's next big project where she co-starred opposite Amanda Seyfried as a hot teenage girl who is turned into an undead demon and makes snacks out of the high school boys. Academy Award winning writer Diablo Cody wrote the film which gave me very high hopes it would actually be a strong role for Megan Fox and not just be about TNA.Unfortunately the film was panned by fans as the writing was cliché and the story a bit wooden. Overall I think this is Megan Fox’s best role she has done yet but still feel she was upstaged by Amanda Seyfried in both beauty and talent.

Megan Fox’s next project which is yet to be released is the female lead in JONAH HEX starring alongside Josh Brolin. She plays a prostitute and love interest for Jonah Hex in the film. So far the marketing of her character ‘Leila’in Jonah Hex has been quite familiar. The trailers feature lots of leg, lots of cleavage and one liner quips reminiscent of Jennifer's Body and her other roles.

As far as other up and coming projects go Megan Fox will next be seen in the thriller The Crossing which is currently in post-production.The film is about a young couple who go to vacation in Mexico and get caught up in a drug trafficking scheme. I am not sure if the film is based on any real events but couples being caught up in quick money schemes with drug dealers in Mexico actually is a very serious problem in Florida as noted by shows like60Minutes and CNN.

She will then followup The Crossing with a return to the sci fi-comic genre with FATHOM which she is producing with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green. FATHOM was originally a FOX ATOMIC film but FOX ATOMIC has since folded up so I am not sure which studio is now releasing it. The Fathom comic which was released in 1998 is about a Mermaid that is discovered and has amnesia and super powers. The character is a good fit for Megan Fox since she is both hot and looks like the comic book character. ( Image courtesy of Forbidden Planet )

In now looking back at the many faces of Megan Fox its quite clear she plays one role and one role well. The sex kitten. This role can work for you but it can also work against you. Put simply pretty faces are a dime a dozen in Hollywood as has been proven in the many faces currently vieing to replace her in Transformers 3. If Megan Fox is to have a career she needs to look at other sexy-starletts including Angelina Jolie to define herself not just as a sex symbol... but a talented actress.


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