12 Fan Made Movie Posters To Rule Them All

Posted by: Michael

I am a nut for posters and nothing annoys me more then the floating head poster designs that studios love so much. Its as if there is a lack of talent in the poster making business which is why every time I find a cool one I download it and store it on my computer for future viewing pleasure.

Over the last year plus I have been collecting fan made posters for upcoming movies and wanted to share what I consider to be the 12 of the best. Once again fans are trying very hard to prove that their talent, drive and passion for films can outdo the studios big budget marketing teams to produce posters that will impress the heck out of just about anyone.

Little side note when I downloaded these I never planned on doing this piece so I am unable to properly credit the source of the artwork. If you created any of the pieces below please email me so I can correctly source your work! All of the people who did these posters clearly have a future in the business of the art of film making and deserve credit. Email me and I will update with author contact info as we get it!

Green Lantern Movie Poster: Ryan Reynolds was the only good thing about Blade Trinity and did a great job as DEAD POOL in Wolverine. If his Green Lantern movie is half as good as this fan poster we will be in luck 

Predators: Like alot of fan posters this one set the web on fire when blogs ran it and thought it was legit. Its a great poster in its simplistic approach.

The Avengers: Talk about embodying all things Avengers this fan made poster for The Avengers makes me smile every time

Captain America First Avenger Fan Poster: Lets just say Captain America Fan posters will appear on this list more then one time and this is the first fantastic fan made poster for The Captain!

Megan Fox Wonder Woman Poster: For awhile rumors were running around the web that Megan Fox was in talks for a Wonder Woman movie. As bad as that casting is this poster that a fan made is one of the best!

Spiderman 4: By now you all know that Spiderman 4 is very much dead but before it was announced that SONY would reboot the franchise John Malkovich announced he would play Vulture in Spiderman 4. A Fan took it upon themselves to create a truly dark and fantastic poster featuring Vulture!

THOR: Thor is not on the top of my list of comic book movies to go and see but this fan poster is easily one of the best and perfectly captures the themes of THOR.

AVATAR: I was not a fan of any of the Avatar posters but this fan poster captured perfectly the concept of the film. A marine who has an avatar and lives on Pandorum. A great poster!

Wonder Woman: Easily as cool as the Megan Fox Wonder Woman poster the one below I discovered on outnow.ch.

Dark Knight 2: Rumors ran the web that Christopher Nolan would be bringing The Riddler into Dark Knight 2 and this fan poster hit the web shortly after and is easily one of the finest fan made comic book movie posters.

Gambit: There has been talk that Taylor Kitsch would do his own X-Men stand alone movie as Gambit but whether or not thats a good idea or not I think we can all agree that this fan made gambit poster is the shiznit.

Captain America First Avenger Poster 2: The first Captain America poster that started this list off is one of my favorites but this poster featuring the iconic SHIELD is another fine fan made addition.


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