Iron Man 3 in 3D, Villain Revealed

Posted by: Michael

Jon Favreau is talking about Iron Man 3 and its good timing considering Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters ripping up the box office. What better way to get Iron Man 3 off the ground when Iron Man 2 is busy making Marvel a boat load of money. As no surprise they had looked at releasing Iron Man 2 in 3D by doing the post-production conversion but decided against it... thank goodness I might add. But that does lead to the 3rd Iron Man movie almost definitely being released in 3D.

As far as the villain goes he has revealed that he would like the Mandarin. It was rumored the Mandarin would appear in Iron Man 2 but that never happened. The 10 Rings were referenced in the first film and the 2nd film ( the goon who gives the ticket to Whiplash is credited as a 10 Rings Thug ). The Mandarin is VERY tricky to tie into the films because you need to make him a serious opponent but the Iron Man movies have so far had a very strong realist element which makes introducing a character who uses 'magic' a bit tricky. Either way Iron Man 3 will have to wait until Captain America and The Avengers is complete which means their is plenty of time to polish the idea.


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