7 Best Horror Comedies

Posted by: Michael

There are so many great horror comedies out there and its a sub genre of the horror genre that I have loved for a very long time. There are tons  of great horror-comedies out there but I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few that I consider to be the best. So without further ado here are the seven horror comedies that I consider some of the best! Below each selection is the films trailer so you can check it out! All of these films since they are not especially new are available I am sure at your local retailer or online retailers for a steal! Make note this list is in no particular order.

The Burbs: The Burbs stars Tom Hanks and was directed by Joe Dante. For me it is one of Tom Hanks best roles. He plays the average middle aged man in the suburbs living a pretty non descript life. That is at least until the Klopeks move in next door. Are they just a creepy new neighbour or are they something much more sinister? Hanks and the rest of the neighbours including co-star Corey Feldman set out to find out. One of the best classic horror comedies ever made and one that still holds up today as a great film that everyone should see.

Feast: FEAST is not a har-har comedy but its one of those movies that will make you chuckle and grin with its funny characters, gruesome carnage and cliché characters many of which meet their doom. FEAST is easily one of the greatest horror films made in the last 20 years and I have seen it no less then 30 times. I own over 2,000 movies so saying I have watched a movie over 30 times says alot. FEAST is dark, gritty, in your face and full of chuckles all be it the dark and disturbing kind. If you like your horror with laughs, gore, interesting characters and intelligent writing then FEAST is definitely for you.

Shaun of the Dead: Shaun of the Dead is easily one of  my favourite zombie movies. Up until Zombieland came out it was really the only truly great zombie comedy that you could buy. Shaun of the Dead tells the story of two slacker buddies who wake up to find the world has gone to hell in a hand bag and the dead now walk. The story is funny and dark as the two close friends struggle to save the ones they love and survive.  Shaun of the Dead resonated with me because although I don’t consider myself a stoner slacker I think all males at some point or another found themselves sitting on a couch half in the bag contemplating their future and what meaning life had. Now imagine if a zombie outbreak hit just as you were trying to figure that out. A truly hilarious experience Shaun of the Dead should be in every horror fans collection.

The Frighteners: Before Peter Jackson was the king of epic movie making he was an indie filmmaker that made some of the best indie horror films around. The Frighteners was not one of his indie projects but it is definitely one of his finest. Starring Michael J Fox it tells the story of a fake ‘ghost buster’ who can see ghosts and uses this to con people out of money. Things go horribly wrong when an evil spirit comes to town and people end up dead.  Dark and funny The Frighteners much like The Burbs is classic horror at its best. Horror icon Jeffrey Combs also has a fantastic scene stealing cameo which is just one of the hundred things that makes this movie the blast that it is!

Return of the Killer Tomatoes: Return of the Killer Tomatoes is the definition of B-Movie magic and its both corny and funny all rolled up into one low budget cheese fest that is sure to make you laugh your ass off. Directed by John De Bello this sequel stars George Clooney in one of his best roles to date. Unlike now where George is a heart throb and ‘serious actor’ what made Return of the Killer tomatoes so great was the fact he was willing to have fun with the role. Campy, and not even remotely serious its one of the most entertaining horror comedies ever made featuring one of the longest and most hilarious random product placements you will ever see. 

Army of Darkness: All Hail The Chin! Those of you who are cult followers of Bruce Campbell know exactly what I am talking about. Bruce Campbell is the man as is Sam Raimi. Army of Darkness for me is far superior to Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 only because of its over the top slapstick humor and the setting of the movie. Thrown back to medieval times Ash takes on the forces of the undead. They may be armed with swords and shields but he has his Chevy, his Chainsaw and a shotgun. Seriously can you think of anything more fun?

Monster Squad:  Monster Squad is one I only saw recently after my good friend Luke Franklin who writes for HorrorMovies.ca suggested I check it out. A great b-movie where your favourite monsters come together and a band of kids form a ‘monster squad’ to fight them. Easily one of the funniest teen-horror-comedies made to date with such inspiring lines as ‘Wolfman has Nards’ its a classic everyone should see. Platinum Dunes is going to be shooting a remake of this movie this summer for those who want to see an updated take on the classic horror comedy.


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