5 Best Movie Presidents

Posted by: Michael
Presidents’ Day came and went Monday, but not before more than 30,000 moviegoers weighed in at MovieTickets.com on their favorite fictional film president of all-time. Here’s a look at the results, the 5 Best Movie Presidents based on 30,454 votes by film fans!

#5 with 7% of the vote: Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks: Jack Nicholson delivered the goods as a bumbling President taking on an alien force out to enslave mankind. Mars Attacks is without a doubt one of the best b-movie's ever made and Nicholson as President was classic!

#4 with 13% of the vote: Morgan Freeman Deep Impact: Deep Impact is a story of world destruction by mother nature, or more specifically extra terrestial space debris. Morgan Freeman played the role of President perfectly. A story of human tragedy its a great scifi drama!

#3 with 21% of the vote: Bill Pullman Independance Day: Independence Day is one of my favorite popcorn-action flicks. It for me defines what Will Smith is good at, over the top films with lots of witty one liners and lots of explosions. Bill Pullman literally kicked ass as the president with motivational speeches as well as taking to the skies to kick some alien ass!

#2 with 21% of the vote: Michael Douglas, The American President: Not a huge fan of Michael Douglas but in the American President he plays the President and is coping with love.. or at least finding it. He suits Annette Benning and attempts to run the country while finding love! A fun romantic drama that is a nice angle on the presidential story.

#1 with 38% of the vote: Harrison Ford Air Force One! Without a doubt Harrison Ford delivered as the machine gun toting president of the USA who takes on Terrorists on Air Force One. Lots of action, lots of thrills and a whole lot of the President kicking ass and taking names!


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