Terminator 5 & 6 Plots Revealed?

Posted by: Michael

Deadline Hollywood got a chance to look at a script done by William Wisher for Terminator 5 and 6 and it seems it goes right back to the roots of the franchise. William Wisher helped write the first two Terminator movies but chose to not be a part of Terminator 3 out of respect for James Cameron. You gotta respect a guy who takes food off his own plate to respect a filmmaker.

In his vision of Terminator 5 and 6 William Wisher would continue the war from Terminator 3 but also incorporate some of Terminator Salvation. The key element would be Sarah Conner's character returning and the time travel element being brought back in so that Conner and Reese get to spend more time then just their own fated visit together.

William Wisher's take on the films would also introduce new Terminators including a terminator that can morph by merging with other Terminators to become a larger one. there is also apparently a shocking role laid into the script for Arnold which according to Deadline is as shocking as his return in Terminator 2 as a body guard and not a hunter-killer. It all sounds quite interesting but at the end of the day after how bad Terminator 4 was the only way I am getting interested in Terminator 5 and 6 is if they say the magic words... James Cameron directing!


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