10 of the Best Vampire Movies

Posted by: Michael

Awhile ago I did a piece on 5 Vampire Movies Everyone should see and since the Vampire myth is one of my favorite genres of film it only made sense to expand upon that article. So with that I bring you 10 of the Best Vampire Movies everyone should see. They are served in no particular order.

Near Dark: I start my list off with Near Dark a classic vampire movie and a favorite of its generation. It was also directed by Hurt Locker Director Kathryn Bigelow which should give you some strong hints on why it was so popular with genre fans. Twilight gets alot of flack about being more about teen angst then a true vampire tale but Near Dark was no different.

It is a coming of age story about a boy who falls for a girl, gets turned into a vampire and must make hard choices all while trying to survive within the ranks of a vicious vampire gang. Near Dark is well written, gruesome and highly entertaining. Easily holds up to the test of time even today!

Blade: Blade is one of those movies that alot of people do not appreciate but I love. I do not even remember it hitting theatres but when I bought it on VHS ( yep VHS not DVD ) it quickly became one of my all time favourite vampire-action films. Directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David Goyer who also wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight its a very intense Vampire tale.

It stars Wesley Snipes as a half human, half vampire vigilante out to put an end to the vampire race. Packed with lots of action a great look and feel and some great action sequences Blade is non stop vampire-ass-kicking from open to end. Dark and gritty its the perfect vehicle for Wesley Snipes since its all action and very little dialogue. Lets be honest Wesley Snipes has a face for acting but the less lines he has the better. Blade works because it has a fantastic cast which includes

Blade 2 was equally awesome but Blade Trinity the 3rd in the franchise was so bad it was a complete dis-respect to us fans who lived and died by the franchise!

From Dusk Till Dawn: Dusk Till Dawn has spun into many sequels and from what I hear I was wise in not watching them as apparently they are horrendous. The movie that started it all though is nothing short of testosterone filled genius. Dusk till Dawn stars Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel and George Clooney and adding to that magic is Robert Rodriguez behind the camera directing. From Dusk Till Dawn tells the story of two extremely vicious bank robbers who flee to mexico leaving death and destruction behind them only to encounter something far worse then them.

Quentin Tarantino is best known for his work behind the camera but he delivers in spades in this movie as one half of the maniac duo of killer robbers. The film also stars a mix of genre stars including Tom Savini and Danny Trejo but without a doubt the most memorable moment in the film for males is Salma Hayeks red blooded strip tease. From Dusk Till Dawn is a fantastic vampire film and if your a Tarantino or a Rodriguez fan you will know what to expect! Nothing but awesome!

FrostBitten: FrostBitten is a vampire tale that was shot in Russia and Sweden and came out on DVD in 2006. It tells the tale of Annika a medical doctor  and Saga her 17 year old daughter who move into a small town and soon find themselves threatened by a vampire out to make lunch out of the town.

At times very gruesome the film is both well written and entertaining and reminds me of 30 Days of Night in its elements of winter cold and bloody carnage.  This vampire is by no means romantic as it rips through the town killing everyone in its path. Easily one of the best foreign films I have seen and without a doubt a vampire tale deserving of being seen!

30 Days of Night: Directed by David Slade and based off the comic of the same name 30 Days of Night is easily the best new vampire film I have seen in years. Its so rare to see something so dark and disturbing come out of Hollywood but 30 Days of Night definitely delivered just that. Based in Barrow Alaska a group of vampires come to town and a blood bath ensues as they make breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the local population.

A great cast including Melissa George combined with a fantastic visual look and great direction made this film one of the best vampire films to ever come out of the Hollywood machine. This is easily one of the best and bloodiest vampire films to come out in recent years and should be on everyone's must see list. I have watched this film no less then 20 times since its release in theaters. Can not wait for the sequel!

Bram Stokers Dracula: As a rule Keanu Reeves is not known as an actors actor. He is more known for making guttural noises or playing a robotic and confused character as he did in The Matrix and the remake of The Day The Earth stood Still. Bram Stokers Dracula is probably one of the few good movies he did as an ‘actor’. As much as I am a fan of Keanus films Dracula is the only film where he really showed he could play a deeper role.

The film has an outstanding cast including Anthony Hopkins, Winnona Ryder ( who is one of the most gorgeous actors in Hollywood ) and Gary Oldman as Vlad! The film is an intense thrill ride with plenty of drama, lots of thrills and enough scares and bloody carnage to appeal to just about any fan of the Dracula lore!  

Let The Right One In: This foreign vampire flick goes down as one of the most unique vampire tales ever made. Not only did it have great acting and great visual FX it cast the vampire as a 12 year old girl who is simply trying to survive.

Although quite graphic at times the overall arc of the film is the story of young love between the young vampire girl and her new male friend who lives next door. Its a moving story that is both disturbing and emotional and a truly fantastic film. Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield is attached to a Hollywood remake but I have little expectation it will have half the magic of the original. Its one of those special films you need to see to understand.

John Carpenters Vampires: I am admittedly a die hard fan of all things John Carpenter. I even found Ghosts of Mars highly entertaining while most wanted to do like the films characters and rip out their eyes when watching it! VAMPIRES is an oldie but a goodie and starred James Woods and Daniel Baldwin as vampire hunters who hunt down vampires for the church and destroy them.

Although not as deep in story its an action packed festival of vampire staking from start to finish. Its a popcorn movie that lacks the detailed story of Let The Right One in and FrostBitten but is equally fun. Its linear no punches pulled action packed vampire madness in the name of the catholic church!

The Lost Boys: This film is an absolute classic and is the one good movie The Two Coreys ( Corey Haim and Corey Feldman ) did that I really enjoyed. Its campy good fun as a boy moves with his mom and his brother to a new town and finds himself tied up in an affair involving 'suckheads'. Banding with some local comic book geeks they stick it out and go to war with the local vampire population with bloody and often humorous results.

Funny, fast paced and full of action The Lost Boys is a classic that everyone should see. Its easily one of the greatest vampire tales ever made. Its a real shame however the sequel Lost Boys 2 was one of the worst vampire films ever made.

Interview with a Vampire: I have never read Anne Rice’s books and I would rather watch paint dry then watch a Tom Cruise movie but must admit that Interview with a Vampire was a mesmerizing tale of vampire lore. Anne Rice was reportedly disgusted when Tom Cruise was given the lead but you have to give him and Brad Pitt credit. This highly erotic and entertaining vampire tale is easily one of the best vampire dramas ever made. It has a nice mix of action, thrills and heart wrenching emotion to make it stay with your for long after you have seen it.

Great acting mixed with a fantastic story delivered a dark and visually intense vampire tale of love, love lost, jealousy and destruction Interview with a Vampire is glorious. This movie is much more about the challenges of being a vampire then your traditional blood sucking villain vampire.


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