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This week there have been plenty of great reviews contributted by readers. Some good, some bad, 13 Seconds got murdered by a reviewer as being absolute "crap", and 28 days Later, and King Arthur got cast as great films worth watching by reviewers.

13 Seconds Movie Review
I just rented this DVD from Blockbuster since I am a fan of B-movies, and it lives up to it's name "13 Seconds"; that's how long it took me to realize this movie is CRAP.  It looks like the director had a friend who worked for a news broadcast station and borrowed his camera.  The acting sucks, and the lighting-   ...

28 Days Later Movie Review
Many people bitch and moan that this movie is not a zombie movie, well news flash it is as good a zombie movie as I have seen. 28 days later is not really an indie, but more a low budget hollywood movie bringing a new twist to zombies, while ripping off some things from George Romero the king of Zombies. I liked   ...

King Arthur Movie Review
I really enjoyed this movie. The only thing I did not really like about the film was the fact they tried to portray it as a true story, and it would have been better off as its own story. It tried to much to play on the hype of the Knights of the Round Table. Merlins character really annoyed me and   ...

Mars Attacks Movie Review
This is such a great film. Mars Attacks is classic spoofing of the old alien movies. The cast is ace, and the acting is over the top making for one of the best comedies I have seen inawhile. This movie is basically independance day with lots of funny ripoffs of other films. If you like Tim Burtons movies, you will like this   ...

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