Mel Gibson Talks Mad Max Fury Road Cameo

Posted by: Michael

Sheila Roberts sat down with Mel Gibson recently to talk about his new film Edge of Darkness which looks really fantastic and during the interview some comments about Mad Max 4 came up;

Q: Have you talked to George Miller about Mad Max Fury Road?

Mel: Oh yeah. I’ve talked to George. Yeah, we’ve had a good chin wag about it. We talk all the time anyway, George and I. So I’m abreast of that. I know he’s been trying to do this for years, the fourth installment. At one point, I was involved, then it fell to bits and then this and that.

So now, it’s probably gone through a lot of changes. I can’t wait to see it because everything he does I think is magic. There’s a touch of genius, more than a touch of genius about George. Probably most of any good trick I’ve ever learned, I’ve learned off that guy and Peter Weir.

Q: Have you ruled out a cameo in Mad Max 4?

Mel: No. We’ve just talked. I honestly don’t know.

Mad Max Fury Road will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron according to the trades. Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson as Mad max but as noted there is still a potential for Mel to have a cameo.


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