Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn to be Two Films?

Posted by: Michael

From Variety comes word from 'insiders' that Summit Entertainment is weighing their options on what to do with the Breaking Dawn book which is next to get the film treatment. The problem is the length of the book and whether they should make one long film or break it into two.

Right off the bat the problem is that Summit would need to re-negotiate deals with the writer Stephenie Meyer as well as the stars who are signed to a 4 picture deal. This would mean huge paydays for all parties since they are in a bargaining position.

That said a two picture plan is also the best one for Summit. Even if the stars and writer of the Twilight Saga hold out for more money when you consider how much money Twilight and New Moon have made it makes it extremely plausible and logical that Breaking Dawn will end up as two films.

New Moon and Twilight have made over $800million at the box office so far and that doesnt include dvd and merchandising deals. My bet is Summit will end up re-negotiating a deal and giving us two films.


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